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Confessions of a control freak

Eloise Ferguson
“As a control freak who doesn’t adore vulnerability, letting God have the burden of my troubles doesn’t come easily. My human nature is to keep things to myself and stew on them until I reek of bitterness – but even I know that this creates more problems than it solves.”

Kissing the Bullet

Who would have thought that being shot in the head would be such a boon!  When 16 year old Pakistani Malala Yousafzai took a bullet to her cranium in October last year for speaking out against the Taliban, she can’t have anticipated what a blessing in disguise that piece of metal would be. A year on, the young campaigner for the education of women has experienced worldwide exposure, won the European Union’s prestigious Sakharov human rights prize, been invited to the White House by US President Barack Obama himself and released her first book, ‘I Am Malala’. I wonder if she has that bullet propped on her bedside table and, every so often, she picks it up, rolls it around in her palm, maybe even kisses it and whispers, “Thank you little bullet!” Malala is an extraordinary girl.  I hesitate to use the word ‘girl’ for one who has demonstrated wisdom and courage well beyond her 16 years.  Making good of a bad situation takes a lot of character – in fact, it is the …

The Parable of the Lost Ring in the Skip Bin

My better half came home from work the other day all cheery and exhilarated. “You are not going to believe what happened to me,” he said, landing me with a kiss. He goes on to tell me how after school that day (he’s a teacher) he was helping clear out a classroom for renovations, emptying armloads and binloads of rubbish into a skip bin.  They’d been at it for a good half-hour before he realised he was no longer wearing a ring on his right hand, middle finger.  The hammered silver one that we had made for our five-year wedding anniversary.  Gone. At this point my eyes traveled to his right hand in the same way that some of us skip to the last chapter of a suspenseful novel.  His fingers were bare.  He caught my eye and, with a grim smile, continued. So there he was standing beside the skip bin, knowing that somewhere in that immense jumble of junk was a little piece of precious metal that he’d likely lost for good. “I …

Kids Don’t Choose Their Families, They Just Trust

My 17-month-old son has adventure and courage in spades, yet when he approaches a step, he gingerly grips the doorframe and lowers himself bit by bit until he feels the floor solid beneath his toes. If I have hold of his hand, it’s an entirely different picture. Captain Courageous will launch himself from any height so long as mum’s hand is wrapped around his own. I know it’s just a little thing, but it amazes me how much trust a child has in his or her parents. When I see that level of trust, it’s a real wakeup call; I have been entrusted with this little life. And when I see him sleeping in his cot, his face relaxed into sweet vulnerability, I pray so hard that he will be kept safe from all the monsters – not under his bed but lurking in the street or, God forbid, in the homes of people I know. Last week we celebrated (if that’s the right word) National Child Protection Week. Celebrated probably isn’t the right word …