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“God saved me from a very dark place”

#FLAMfaces Anna Van Stralen
“I went through some difficult times as a little girl, with some family upheaval leaving me confused and feeling isolated. I didn’t realise it had happened but during that time I accepted a lie deep into myself which would define who I was for many years.”

Why Chan and Sukumaran Deserve Mercy

Better to know your hour of death, or not? Great dinner party conversation starter there, albeit macabre. Generally the consensus is in the negative. With knowledge, we can make a controlled exit; one without loose ends, skeletons in closets or untended grievances. Without knowledge, we can slip away blissfully unaware. Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran will know the date, hour, place and method of their death. It’s looking less and less likely that the two Australians of the Bali Nine drug smugglers will receive clemency from the Indonesian government and judiciary, meaning their executions will be carried out in coming weeks. They have languished in prison since their arrest in 2005 – since they made the mother-of-all stupid decisions. “Mercy!” the international community has cried. But letters and petitions and events and pleas have fallen on the deaf ears of president Joko Widodo who is intent on upholding the death-by-firing-squad sentence for their crimes. It’s the way things have been done since 1964. I wonder if they will need to be woken. Seventy-two hours after they have …