Untitled designYou can now buy my blog in a book!

This devotional-in-magazine-clothing is a melting pot of thoughts and ideas on faith. They are vignettes of life that I hope will help bolster or ignite faith, encourage you to seek God in all aspects of your life, and to ultimately be free!

When you feel these thick, porous pages of matt loveliness, I hope you will be compelled to add your own marks. That’s right. You’re invited to scrawl notes, revelations, sketches, learnings, poems, shopping lists, dreams – whatever comes to mind – in the margins, over the images, or in some of the ample white space provided. I hope you will interact with this magazine-book-journal-devotional in creative ways.

Be inspired. Be encouraged. Be challenged.

Includes 160 full-colour pages: 60+ articles and 30+ illustrations by Claire, and 10 faith stories of local people.

So sorry folks, but FLaM is sold out!

If you are interested in a bulk order, however, let’s talk!