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Help! I’ve written a book!

Hi lovely Faith Like a Mushroom followers. Eeeek! Exciting news ahead! And I want you to be the first to know! The news is this: I have written a book and it’s going to be published this year – with your help! FLaM is a compilation of my writings, artwork and photography, laid out like a magazine, and with lots of spacious pages so you can use it like a journal. But you know what? For once, I’m going to stop tapping on this keyboard and actually talk to you about it. Can’t tell you how nervous I am about this! Deep breath. Enjoy.   Find out more Has this piqued your interest? Even a little bit? Hop onto my campaign page: Advertisements

When I get sick of writing. And clouds.

Writing is my job. I’m the editor of a street magazine, which means I write lots of interesting stories about Tasmania – and edit many others. I’m communications specialist for a not-for-profit organisation, which means I write topic-specific content for blog and social media. I also freelance for a handful of clients, which means I write to convey brand messages and other such stuff. And then there’s all the other writing that one does. Writing shopping lists. Writing text messages. Writing Christmas cards (recently). Writing a note to say I’ve “gone for a walk … back by 7am” (rarely). I get sick of writing sometimes. It feels sacrilegious to say so. But I do. Same with social media. I just get sick of saying things all the time. And being watched and critiqued. I’m an introvert, you see. Sometimes it just plain wearies me to write. And yet, I love it so. Times like this, I recognise the need to throw wide the windows and let a new breeze blow in. How? By writing without …