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Oprah would’ve been proud! FLaM advanced release.

FLaM is in print! And some of you are like, DUH! I have been busting to give you un update on the progress of FLaM, and now, finally, I can. Because on Saturday, after a full day of stuffy airports making the trip home to Launceston from sunny Cairns, I did a sneaky advanced and exclusive book launch to all the 400 women who attended Flourish 2018. At the Flourish women’s conference held at Door of Hope Christian Church I had the privilege of sharing the stage with media and singing personality Emma Mullings, and two-times olympian Elka Whalan. Flourish director Amanda Towns interviewed me on my 2017 no-new-clothes-for-a-year challenge, and how it related to the day’s theme of seeking out contentment in our lives. And then… (drumroll please!)… And then we did an Oprah! Or an Ellen. As a surprise gift, Amanda announced that Flourish had bought copies of my yet-to-be released book FLaM for EVERY WOMAN IN THE ROOM. And the servers flooded the aisles, bringing copies of the book-cum-magazine to everyone. Perhaps you …

Help! I’ve written a book!

Hi lovely Faith Like a Mushroom followers. Eeeek! Exciting news ahead! And I want you to be the first to know! The news is this: I have written a book and it’s going to be published this year – with your help! FLaM is a compilation of my writings, artwork and photography, laid out like a magazine, and with lots of spacious pages so you can use it like a journal. But you know what? For once, I’m going to stop tapping on this keyboard and actually talk to you about it. Can’t tell you how nervous I am about this! Deep breath. Enjoy.   Find out more Has this piqued your interest? Even a little bit? Hop onto my campaign page:

When I get sick of writing. And clouds.

Writing is my job. I’m the editor of a street magazine, which means I write lots of interesting stories about Tasmania – and edit many others. I’m communications specialist for a not-for-profit organisation, which means I write topic-specific content for blog and social media. I also freelance for a handful of clients, which means I write to convey brand messages and other such stuff. And then there’s all the other writing that one does. Writing shopping lists. Writing text messages. Writing Christmas cards (recently). Writing a note to say I’ve “gone for a walk … back by 7am” (rarely). I get sick of writing sometimes. It feels sacrilegious to say so. But I do. Same with social media. I just get sick of saying things all the time. And being watched and critiqued. I’m an introvert, you see. Sometimes it just plain wearies me to write. And yet, I love it so. Times like this, I recognise the need to throw wide the windows and let a new breeze blow in. How? By writing without …