Stepping into something new

There isn’t a single post on this blog that’s dated 2021. Perhaps that will tell you something of the reason I’m writing now. There is a season for everything, “a time for every activity under the heavens” we read in Ecclesiastes 3.

The season for Faith Like a Mushroom has come to an end. For now.

The Holy Spirit has been prompting me in other directions with my writing. In particular, fiction. If you follow my social media places, you’ll know that I wrote my first novel last year, and I’m also trying my hand at short stories. Maybe I’ll share one sometime.

I chose the picture of a little girl to go with this post because I feel like a toddler wading into a big ocean of unknowns, but I’m trusting God to lead me, as he’s done in the past.

I’ll leave this blog here. But if you’d like to stay up to date with me and my work, I invite you to my new site where you’ll find writing about my writing process (the highs and lows, the humbling things and the challenging things, and even a few tips and tricks), general background info, and also how you can engage me to help you on your own writing project. Check it out:

Thank you.

Thank you to all the faithful readers, supporters and encouragers of Faith Like a Mushroom. You know who you are. I’m so grateful. It reminds me that we are one family in Christ, all parts of the one body, building one another up in whatever way we can. You have been an exemplary model of that to me.

Shalom! And perhaps I’ll see you over at my new place — or come chat with me on Instagram or Facebook.

With love.

Claire xx.


  1. Brons Email says

    Hey Claire Great to hear of your new chapter! I clicked on new page and couldn’t get in?! Any tips? Bron


  2. Buist Family says

    Hi Claire,
    Do you have a new blog on wordpress? I clicked on My New Place and it led me to FLAM.

    Kindly, C


    Christine Buist
    Home Educator

  3. Roger Martin says

    Many thanks Claire.
    I was somewhat concerned that every time I checked, that there were no new posts.

    I often checked when I looked at you lovely painting in my study.

    I don’t get involved with social media, so I’ll keep an eye on you new page.

    • That’s so lovely to hear that you’re still enjoying your artwork Roger!
      Blessings on you and yours 🙂

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