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Oprah would’ve been proud! FLaM advanced release.

FLaM is in print! And some of you are like, DUH!

I have been busting to give you un update on the progress of FLaM, and now, finally, I can.

Emma and Elka at Flourish!

Because on Saturday, after a full day of stuffy airports making the trip home to Launceston from sunny Cairns, I did a sneaky advanced and exclusive book launch to all the 400 women who attended Flourish 2018.

At the Flourish women’s conference held at Door of Hope Christian Church I had the privilege of sharing the stage with media and singing personality Emma Mullings, and two-times olympian Elka Whalan.

Flourish director Amanda Towns interviewed me on my 2017 no-new-clothes-for-a-year challenge, and how it related to the day’s theme of seeking out contentment in our lives.

And then… (drumroll please!)… And then we did an Oprah! Or an Ellen.

Amanda interviewing me on stage. Photo courtesy: Momento Photography.

As a surprise gift, Amanda announced that Flourish had bought copies of my yet-to-be released book FLaM for EVERY WOMAN IN THE ROOM. And the servers flooded the aisles, bringing copies of the book-cum-magazine to everyone.

Photo courtesy: Momento Photography.

Perhaps you were one of those women who received a copy. Can I just say, your response was such an encouragement to me. The surge of excitement in the room was palpable and watching you eagerly reaching for your copy of FLaM and flicking through its pages for the first time was absolutely surreal. Standing up there on the stage, looking out across the crowd, I relished every moment. Your smiles, your squeals of delight, and later, the queue you formed to have your copy signed, the extra copies you purchased for daughters, friends, granddaughters and other loved ones. I have been replaying these delicious memories in my head ever since. How very sweet they are, after such a head-down-bum-up time baking this particular project.

My heavenly father, the Author himself, has supplied every ingredient needed along the way, including those that were hidden from me, unknown to me until I realised at some point or another that I had forgotten crucial elements. And then He provided. Time and time again. 

But YOU – you are the wonderful frosting on top!

One of you bought a copy for a precious young woman who had endured hideous abuse and had recently come to know Jesus.

One of you bought a copy for each of your four daughters, and one for yourself.

One of you was going to give a copy to your teacher.

One of you shared later that night that you’d already covered the first two pages in notes.

My soul absolutely sings with these little windows into the way that God is already using this book for his kingdom purposes. YAY!

I know that some of you are reading this thinking, I want a copy! And, how can I get a copy?

You haven’t missed out. 

I promise.

The official book launch will take place on October 27 in Launceston, on my return from our caravanning adventure. From that date, copies will also be available to purchase online here, via my website. 

I know, it’s a bit of a time to wait. It’s not even the way I would have planned it. But these two rather immense life events (launching a book and launching a three-month family caravan adventure) converged on each other, and who am I to question God’s timing? Haha!

So put it in your diaries, because it’s going to be another altogether wonderful time in the midst of good company. And you are definitely invited.

At the launch, I’d love to meet you, give you a hug and deliver some more insight into FLaM. Copies will be available for purchase and all those of you who made pledges during the crowdfunding campaign will be able to redeem your half-price copy.

Thank you for every little skerrick of support you have shown. Even if this is the first piece of my writing you have ever read: welcome to the FLaM journey.

Please consider joining me on Facebook and Instagram: @claire_flam

Here are some more photos from the advance launch of FLaM at Flourish on the weekend, taken by Sarah of Momento Photography.