We’re going on a three-month holiday

If God had sat me down a year ago and told me all that 2018 would bring, I think I would’ve done a Jonah. Made a run for it. Or perhaps just fainted. Or climbed into bed and pulled the covers up over my face.

What. A. Year.

And it’s only half-done!

In two weeks, we’re going on a three-month holiday. It’s true! I’ve barely had space to let that reality sink in myself! Hubby has long-service leave and we’ve bought a caravan and are heading North where the sun shines warmer. We have no itinerary. The kids are sharing a bed. I have about three small shelves of space for clothing. We have no oven for baking cookies or sourdough. And we can’t wait!

I won’t lie. The leadup has been a marathon. We have been pedalling hard and fast for a long time so that we have this luxury of time together. So many things to do. You know. Publishing a book. MC-ing at two fundraising dinners. Event managing at another. Day surgery (I’m fine!). Getting our house ready to be occupied by another family. And all the details of family life: soccer games and ballet and washing and groceries and more washing.

But wow. What an amazing season of seeing God’s provision. Can I give you some examples? I always find it so encouraging to hear how God is looking after his beloveds.

This one’s so cool. I’ve had this slight unease about the frivolity of a holiday that lasts for a whole three months. The money we will spend and the responsibilities we will relinquish – they’re significant. Into this mix, we had been considering what we do with our home. I’d been looking into Airbnb and was frankly getting anxious at the thought of coordinating a manager and cleaner, and the too and fro with each new lot of people staying. I was lying in bed one night and I just said, “God, it’s too much! Too hard! Can you sort it out?” And I went to sleep. Zzzz.

Next morning, to cut a long story short, my paths crossed with a colleague who was looking for someplace for his family to stay, July to October. He’d been looking for a while and hadn’t been able to find something homely enough. We kinda stared at each other for a bit, as the enormity of God’s provision sunk in. Realising how the dates lined up. Realising how perfect this was for both of our situations.

This was more than provision though. For me, it was God speaking into those thoughts of our plans being too extravagant. It was God breathing his blessing upon our holiday, saying “Go, have an adventure, enjoy your family, do it!”

God has provided the funding for my book FLaM, which is at the printer right now. The crowdfunding target was reached in a day! He absolutely smashed it!

God has positioned people in just the right places at just the right times. His words have been on their tongue, providing direction and encouragement.

God has drawn me into his peace place. When things are frantic, it’s easy to let the nervous energy translate to worry or fear. Which is exhausting. But through God’s abundant blessings, most of that energy has been aligned to his work. I cannot take credit for this, not one bit. It’s only through prayer and gentle reminders from dear friends, family and colleagues that I’ve been able to keep walking into peace, where I can feel fully without being overwhelmed. I’m no saint – there have been headspin days and minor meltdowns, but then I’ve realigned and accepted God’s daily bread. Just this day is enough, right?

So that’s where I’m at. I’m looking forward to sharing some of our adventures with you. I imagine I’ll paint and photograph and write as I go. As inspiration flows. But mostly we will be opening our eyes and hearts to the wonder of our Creator God, enjoying his goodness around us and in us.

Shalom x

P.S. The pic is not of our caravan. Or vehicle. We haven’t quite got that finalised yet. It’s in the process. I know, it’s cutting things a bit fine. But we know God’s got it sorted. Same with the car we need to sell 😉 Adventure on every level!


  1. mag51 says

    Congratulations Claire. God works in mysterious ways.
    It just goes to show how wonderful God is.
    I know you and your family will have the time of your lives.
    Enjoy and God bless.

  2. Madeleine Wiedemann says

    So exciting! Let me know if you ever make it as north as toowoomba… or even InverellNSW as that’s where our farm is!

  3. Brilliant! Have an amazing time being led wherever He leads you!

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