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What is #FLAMfaces?


I just want to let you in on something that’s about to come to fruition in this space in coming weeks. It’s based on this verse:

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”
1 Peter 3:15.

God has been whispering, nudging and hip-and-shouldering me lately towards this project that gives ordinary, everyday people a platform to share about their faith; about their extraordinary God. When I’ve read that verse in the past, I’ve felt somewhat overwhelmed. I’m much better with the written word than the spoken word! But the verse doesn’t specify, does it? It just says, be ready! And anyway, writing helps to cement new thoughts and learnings in the brain, so it comes to mind more readily in conversation.

So, I have started asking local folk who live with Jesus as their saviour to do this: to speak  (write!) gently and respectfully about the reason they choose this way; sharing frankly about how their faith infuses their relationships, decision-making, self worth and so on; being real about the challenges; giving glory to God.

That’s what FLAM Faces is. Stories of everyday people. Testimonies of faith.

Already, I have a stash of stories that are beautiful, sad, painful, joyful, edifying and all sorts of other emotions that come when we encounter someone who is earnestly seeking God.

I’m going to be sharing one a week here, on Facebook and on Instagram.

Our relationship with social media can be love-hate. Sometimes it’s great, other times I downright loathe it. But it’s here and lots of people use it, so why not harness it for good?

Will you join me by sharing FLAM Faces – stories that turn people’s eyes to Jesus? 

Stories are so, incredibly powerful. Think of how many people are in your social network. They are people who know you in varying degrees, who have formed an understanding of who you are, who are influenced by you – possibly more than you realise. Sharing stories of how relationship with God brings life and hope to our, let’s face it, often downright arduous lives, has huge potential.

Where will this lead? What conversations will result? What decisions might it prompt? I have no idea, but God does.

As #FLAMfaces rolls out, I’ll be looking for more people to share “the reason for the hope (they) have”. More info to come on this.

Thank you, dear friends, for sharing this journey!


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