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Five ways to keep Easter real

Easter is the most important time on the Christian calendar, right?
Which explains why I get to this time of the year and fret over how I can give Easter its due weight of significance. God gave so much for us – how can I appropriately acknowledge that? Not in a religious way, mind, but in a way that focuses my thinking and gives new revelation of Easter’s gift. With two little ones in the fold, I’m also conscious of the way we do Easter for them. I’m not opposed to a good old Easter egg hunt, but I want them to grow up with a clear understanding that this time of the year is more about Jesus than chocolate.

Which is why I sat down and wrote these five things I’ll be focusing on this Easter to keep it real.

Attend a gathering of some description.
It could be a church service or an Easter parade, a festival, feast or mass. The important thing is to be part of a throng of like-minded people.

Read one of the Gospel accounts.
Set aside a good chunk of time – like a whole hour! Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, free from distractions, comfortable. Open your Bible up to either Matthew, Mark, Luke or John and amble through the whole Easter sequence (which is only part of the greater story, of course). Pray that the Holy Spirit would give you new revelations, and be sure to write them down. Soak it all in. Don’t move for a long time. Be still and silent. Wait and listen.

This could also be done as family time, reading aloud before allowing some quiet reflection. We’ve been reading a little bit every night after dinner with the kiddlywinks.

Write out a prayer of thanks.
This could follow directly after the above, but it needs its own time and space. Get out the old fashioned pen and paper and write a letter to Jesus. Don’t worry about the spelling, grammar or sentence structure, just allow thoughts to flow as stream-of-consciousness. Tell him the significance of the sacrifice he made, how it makes you feel, how it has changed your life, how thankful you are. This is called worship!

Go public.
This is no time to “hide our light”. It’s as easy as sharing a verse or observation on social media – get some Easter conversations happening. Or you could be more creative! Like… letterboxing your street with Easter messages, paying for an ad for some ‘Jesus brand recognition’ (hehe!), put a sticker on your car, a sign on your fence, a tattoo across your forehead (joke!). Imagine if every Christ-follower did something to publicly declare the significance of Easter. THAT would be spine-chillingly powerful. Not as powerful as the message itself, of course, but I reckon a few people would start delving deeper into Easter’s significance.

Jesus rose again, you know! He rose again and bore witness to his own death before being taken up to be with his Father once more. I think we sometimes forget that part, preferring to dwell in the sombre place of Jesus’ torturous death. There’s nothing wrong with contemplating that, but we should also take time to celebrate the freedom we have from sin – through Jesus. Yay! C’mon, let’s party like we mean it. I’m talking big meals with tables full of people we love, balloons, cake, wine, time away together. However you like to celebrate, Easter’s a good time for it.

How do YOU keep Easter real?
Love to hear it.
Praying you have a meaningful Easter acknowledging our Saviour.


  1. Maria Amore says

    Thank you Claire. You have given us some special thoughts to ponder over Easter. You are such a courageous woman and strong witness for Christ – if only we all had your qualities.
    Wishing you and your family a happy and special Easter as we all celebrate Christ’s death and His Resurrection.

  2. Philip Badcock says

    Happy Easter! Glad to be able to continue to read your musings here.

  3. Edna Brock says

    Have missed your articles in The Examiner. Good to find your Facebook site

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