You Won’t Believe What the No. 1 Aussie Killer Is…

In a gobsmacking analysis of Australian causes of death, Emily’s Voice CEO Paul O’Rourke has revealed that abortion claims the lives of more Australians than cancer, heart disease, drowning, suicide, homicide and motor vehicle accidents put together.

“Each year in Australia, an estimated 96,000 children are lost as a result of surgical and chemical abortions. That’s 263 Aussie kids a day; an average-sized primary school,” he said.

The breakdown is 80,000 surgical abortions and 16,000 chemical* abortions, which equates to around 3,000 more than the combined annual deaths of what is usually reported as our nation’s biggest killers:

Homicides:   250

Drowning:   300

Motor vehicle accidents:   1,193

Suicide:   2,535

Cancer:   42,844

Heart disease:   45,600

Total:   92,722

Sadly, the government has not seen the importance of collecting abortion figures.  South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory are the only jurisdictions that count abortions.  These figures, combined with Medicare claims for first and second trimester abortions, and hospital records, are where we land at a figure for surgical abortions in Australia.

Not particularly accurate.  As I’ve said before – we can easily pull up data on the number of people who have had their tonsils removed, for example, but abortion figures are hidden from public scrutiny.  I remember how difficult it was to find any abortion data for Tasmania when I undertook a feature for The Examiner during my time as a full-time journalist.  That story had many approximations, and Medicare figures for a procedure that wrapped abortion and miscarriage into one neat category.  As a woman who has two babies in heaven due to miscarriage, I find that kind of record-keeping insulting.  But I digress…

Tasmania’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Craig White, told last year’s parliamentary hearings into abortion law reform that counting abortions did not help “normalise the procedure”.  Because that’s what we all want, to normalise the wilful slaying of our babies, right?

With the 2014 Federal Budget announced on Tuesday, you’ll be interested to know what abortion costs Australia.  Here are some more baffling figures provided by Mr O’Rourke:

– The Australian taxpayer subsidises abortion at the rate of $25 million a year in rebates on first and second trimester surgical abortions based on an average rebate of $415 for each of 60,000 (75% of all surigcal abortions). The rebate varies according to the gestational age of the baby being terminated.

– Australian doctor and specialist Roland von Marburg estimates the total annual cost of abortion at closer to $2.5 billion, based on Medicare rebates, public hospital related-costs, medicines, and the mental health costs associated with post-abortion grief and trauma.

– Abortion researcher Dr Priscilla Coleman’s 2011 report in the British Journal of Psychiatry estimates 10 per cent of mental health issues in women can be attributed to abortion.

Abortion is big business.  When you consider that abortion represents one in four pregnancies and affects one in three women, however you look at it – this is an immense issue.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year on road safety and anti-smoking campaigns, heart disease prevention and cancer research – but what about Australia’s number one killer?

Deathly silence.

* Chemical abortions are those as a result of the morning-after pill and RU 486 which is now readily available in Australia and subsidised by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. The chemical cocktail is used to end pregnancies up to seven weeks gestation.

Sources: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Kidsafe, Cancer Council, Australian Institute of Criminology, Australian Government Department of Health: National Tobacco Campaign; Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Reporting of Induced Abortion in Australia; 2005 Federal Parliamentary research report: How Many Abortions Are There in Australia? Buckmaster, Pratt and Briggs; Children by Choice, How Much will an Abortion Cost? Dr Priscialla Coleman, Abortion and Mental Health: Quantitative Synthesis and Analysis of Research Published 1995-2009, The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2011.



  1. Carol says

    Yes Claire – Deathly silence indeed, and not just the death of babies but the high numbers of deaths of their aborting mothers, from suicide, breast cancer and several other causes. Abortion is “the elephant in the room” and it seems not many people care about the women involved.

    • Neil C says

      Hi Carol. Abortion causes breast cancer ?? Does having a mis-carriage now also cause cancer ?? Is this remarkable news from a peer reviewed journal/publication or just something you wrote for here ??
      How exactly is forcing someone to have a baby, “caring about the women involved” ??
      Another option is forcing them into having an illegal backyard abortion ?? Is that “caring about the women involved” ??
      Perhaps after forcing someone to have an unwanted child, it could be hand-balled to an institution for a life of terror, abuse and unpaid child labour ?? You know as detailed in so many deeply shameful cases (spanning generations throughout our biggest and most prominent Christian Orders) that are still coming to light ?? Is that “caring about the women involved” ?? No of course not, and it is ALSO child abuse !!
      Perhaps not a deathly silence, rather, the muffled one that is emitted by a lonely, scared an unloved kid.
      The awful truth is that an unloved child is a far sadder situation than an embryonic cell cluster/zygote/foetus/baby that has been cleanly, safely and professionally terminated.
      In fact there is nothing sadder than an unloved child, constantly restricted, suffocating……….desperate for the attention that is the air they breathe !!

  2. Abortion has no care about anyone. Full stop. It is a money making machine. Abortion is treated like a “right”. That women think it empowers them by killing a precious child is just pathetic at best, and demonic at worst.

    • Neil C says

      Hi anti mammon conqueror. Abortion IS a lady’s right to stop an unwanted baby growing within her own body !!
      Without that right, backyard abortions are the horrifying de-facto reality that so many women around the world are forced to take. Many unscrupulous backyard operators charge money for their sloppy, distressing services. But when the only other option is producing an unhealthy or unnecessary or unaffordable or unloved child; thereby manufacturing another fractured identity within a planetary system that is hyper over populated by our species, desperate ladies will do what they must.
      Simple observation of historical evidence and current day reality will tell you that. And you will note, it is regardless of whatever prevailing anthropomorphic construct is being feared/worshipped at that time and in that place.
      An abortion is not a procedure that anyone does for the Hell of it !!
      With safe, legal abortions, many/most of their dangers (both physical and psychological) can be mitigated for the lady.
      Your worrying perception, that you flaunt here, the one that (IMO) degrades women who need/choose to have an abortion……. What an awful thing to think of people. I genuinely struggle to understand how a “Christian” adherent thinks that ladies opt for a distressing, undignified, life changing (and often divisive) procedure because there is some sort of empowering ego kill rush. This isn’t Dexter we are watching, these are real ladies (other folks’ daughters and mummies) and their difficult circumstances. I find your stated opinion is “just pathetic at best, and demonic at worst”.
      The Bible does not consider a child’s life worth anything before they are 1 month old. It clearly states so in this passage…….
      Number the children of Levi after the house of their fathers, by their families: every male from a month old and upward shalt thou number them. And Moses numbered them according to the word of the LORD. — Numbers 3:15-16
      Here is a passage where Mr. God tells folks He will murder an innocent baby as punishment for their parent’s crime…….
      Because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die.
      — 2 Samuel 12:14
      Perhaps it is this sort of vengeful, murderous threat from the Bible that enables folks to preach such perversity as this ??……” women think it empowers them by killing a precious child.”

      • Hi Neil. Regarding your quotation of Scripture, you are viewing it through your own view. You may find it offensive, but other people (not me), may find your views offensive. Just like you may find your grandparents’ generation values offensive, your grandchildrens or children’s generation may find your views offensive. If you are offended about Bible, exactly, it is offensive to those who don’t believe in it and yet have the audacity to use it to discipline people who you label as false Christians, to behave the way you think the Bible teaches people. I am not saying this out of hate, I am speaking the truth. I know you don’t believe in God, and that is because you don’t want to believe he exists. You may say you have no faith, but you have faith in your own beliefs. I love you and I care for you. My heart breaks upon reading your comment which shows that you are lost.
        Check out:

        God doesn’t believe in Atheists – Ray Comfort
        You can lead an atheist to evidence, but you can’t make him think – Ray Comfort

  3. Here is what the Bible clearly states, Neil: ” For you did form my inward parts; You did knit me together in my mother’s womb… My frame was not hidden from You when I was being formed in secret [and] intricately and curiously wrought [as if embroidered with various colors] … Your eyes saw my unformed substance, and in Your book all the days of my life were written before they ever took shape, when as yet there was none of them.” Psalm 139:13, 15, 16. God does indeed consider a child’s life worth something before they are even born. (This includes you, Neil.)
    The reason for God counting those who were to be the tribe of Levi from one month old was because many babies did not make it through the first month, so in separating those who were called to be the priests, they chose those who had made it through their first month.
    I am curious, Neil; you mention unhealthy babies, unnecessary ones, and unaffordable ones. As a mother, I can tell you they are all unaffordable (!), but here they are, all grown up, somehow, and we did it, as most people do. A healthy baby can be born, but any child can suddenly become unhealthy- do we then get rid of it? But can you please clarify what in the world an unnecessary child is? I am sure there are children in your life, if not your own, then children of family members, or your friends. Go and look at some of these children this week, right into their faces, and decide, if you can, exactly which ones are unnecessary. If you have the courage, say so to their parents, and see if they agree.

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