Love, Life & Liberty Seminar

I’d like to invite you to a very special conference that promises to be educational, inspirational, practical – and a lot of fun!

For the first time… ever… Emily’s Voice is hosting the LOVE, LIFE & LIBERTY seminar in Brisbane (March 22), Launceston (April 5) and Hobart (May 31).  It’s for anyone (female OR male) who wants to change culture, support women facing an unexpected or crisis pregnancy, or help those who are suffering as a result of pregnancy loss.


The speakers (for the Launceston event) are:

Anne Lastman.
Founder, Victims of Abortion.  Anne has assisted more than 1500 women who have suffered post-abortion grief.  She is eminently qualified to speak, having personally experienced the trauma of two abortions and with professional qualifications in counselling, psychology and theology.

Paul O’Rourke.
CEO, Emily’s Voice.  Former CEO of Compassion Australia, Paul has a Master’s Degree in child development and a genuine desire to help Australians fall in love with the unborn.  He has a long history in print journalism as an editor and has authored five books including Why Satan Hates Our Kids (all attendees will receive a free copy of this book at the seminar).

Noelene Booth.
Founder and director, Babymum Australia.  Traumatised by the forced adoption of her baby at 15, Noelene gained qualifications and experience in teaching, pastoral ministry and foster care.  Her heart for young and vulnerable mothers became her mission and Babymum Australia was launched in Launceston in 2011 to celebrate, support and nurture these young families.

The lovely Kristy Dadson will also share the moving story of her son Reuben who died after just 55 minutes beyond the womb.

Here are the Launceston event details:
WHEN: Saturday, April 5, 2014.  9am-3.30pm.
VENUE: Legana Christian Church, 1 Gerrard Close (off Bridgenorth Rd), Legana.
COST: $45 (includes morning tea, lunch and a copy of Why Satan Hates Our Kids, RRP $19.95)
REGISTER: Click here.

For information about the Brisbane and Hobart events, visit the Emily’s Voice website or email info@emilysvoice.com