Attention: Champions of Life

Never have I been more aware of how precious life is. In the past two weeks, three friends have given birth to beautiful, healthy babies. One made her entrance at just 30 weeks, weighing less than 1.4kg. She is doing marvellously, as is mum.

Sadly, I know another couple who was only given an hour with their newborn son before he breathed his last. We joined that family as they lowered a tiny coffin into the ground.

Still another husband-and-wife pair have traveled such a heart-wrenching journey with their son who has cancer. They have fought for his life so gallantly, making use of all the available treatment facilities in Melbourne, praying on his behalf like the warriors they are.

And my husband and I have known the grief of miscarriage recently too.

Through all these separate but somehow similar situations that champion the inherent value of life, our Tasmanian government is attempting to change abortion laws to allow greater access to pregnancy termination. And for every pregnancy termination, a little life is also terminated. For all the mothers and fathers in the complex situations above, the proposed law change is an insult. How can a government offer genuine support to a family grieving their stillborn baby while on the other hand enabling another family to end the life of a baby at the same stage of development? How can a government acknowledge life to one family (birth certificates are issued at 21 weeks gestation), yet ignore it (destroy it) for another? This is a government of dangerous paradoxes.


Tassie’s Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill 2013, as it is named, passed the lower house last month. Boo. But it still needs to pass the upper house (the Legislative Council). Yesterday we had Legislative Council elections for the seats of Montgomery, Nelson and Pembroke. Results were good – “a win for the conservatives” as the media called it. Yay. Liberal candidates Leonie Hiscutt and Vanessa Goodwin were successful, as was incumbent independent Jim Wilkinson (who was targeted by opponents in a nasty campaign to have him ousted). And, can I add, each of these three won convincingly – big congrats!

Many people opposed to the abortion bill were very active in the first phase – signing petitions, attending protests, emailing pollies and writing letters. You were amazing! And now you need to be amazing all over again. The abortion bill (along with same sex marriage and gay adoption) will be some of the first pieces of proposed legislation that the new-look Legislative Council will consider. So we need to let the members know what we think.

Everything you need to know to fire off some brief emails to MLCs can be found here.

Every letter counts. Your words, your story, your opinion IS important. It is the job of these Legislative Council members to listen to you, the people.

I encourage you to be a ‘Champion of Life’. Find a few minutes and get writing!


I’m not sure of your story. Maybe you have a story like the ones I mentioned above. Maybe you have had an abortion or you know someone who has. Please don’t read judgement into my words because if you find it, it wasn’t intended. I believe in a God who is big enough to bestow healing on the most ravaged heart. Whatever your journey, He is bigger and His love has no conditions.




  1. Chris says

    Thank you for this post. As someone who is part of a couple going through the rollercoaster to even try to get pregnant and now opening the door to the IVF journey and all the deeper dips that one brings, watching this debate unfold can be so heartbreaking thinking of the little lives that won’t even get a chance.
    I pray for all those involved in your three stories, I too have kept updated with the couple with their son’s battle and am amazed at how they have kept their faith so strong throughout.

    Thankyou once again Claire.

    • Yes – the IVF journey is another eye-opener to just how precious and fragile life is. Thanks for sharing Chris. And I really pray that God blesses you with a little life to care for soon, and for courage, faith and hope on the road there. Bless you.

  2. Those women who endured their decade long abduction are truly remarkable, and surely God has sustained them throughout their horrible ordeal and we praise him for their release.  They are an example to us of the strength of women in persevering in incredibly difficult situations.

    Our lawmakers, however, underestimate the strength of our women.  The vast majority of Australian women can cope with the health risks associated with pregnancy, as shown by our low maternal mortality rate (around 7 per 100,000 live births).

    The other main argument in favour of abortion is that it is improper for anyone to restrict what a woman can do with her own body (i.e. woman’s body, woman’s choice).  However I suspect that what the women who promote this viewpoint normally mean is  ‘I don’t want to be a mother because it will negatively affect my lifestyle’.

    But that’s not a valid reason to legislate permission for women to have abortions.  Women have a strength to endure the bearing and raising of children, and they should be supported and encouraged to realise this.

    If only our lawmakers would recognise the strength of our women, and also recognise abortion for what it is – the selfish killing of unborn children.

    • 43234290asfas says

      I agree that women who promote the idea of free choice coming from abortion are only seeking convenience or the “easy way out”.

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