Amended Abortion Bill Doesn’t Go Far Enough

So the abortion bill has been tabled in the Tasmanian Parliament, with a few amendments. Don’t be deceived folks. The Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill 2013 is as ludicrous as ever and we need to remain vigilant in letting politicians know that the only thing this piece of legislation is good for is compost.

Here is a summary of the changes:
– Unfettered access to terminations to 16 weeks (instead of 24) and thereafter (to term) with sign-off of two doctors citing medical, psychological or socio-economic reasons.
– Medical practitioners with a conscientious objection would no longer be fined for failing to refer to a practitioner known not to have a conscientious objection. However, counsellors would – up to 250 penalty units ($32,500).
– Added to the bill is provision for special police powers including to detain and search, and to arrest without warrant, specifically targeting those who oppose abortion. That amounts to a radical infringement of freedom.
(click here to see the amended bill)

The good news is that the media is reporting that it’s unlikely the bill will pass the lower house. Yay! But the battle certainly isn’t over and, as I said before, we need to remain vigilant.

There’s another e-petition that needs your e-signature. You may have already signed one – well, because of the changes to the bill, that petition is no longer valid. So if you’re a Tasmanian resident, sign this petition opposing abortion on demand here.

Another great cause worth joining is The Salamanca Declaration. This document unifies the church in Tasmania to uphold the classical Christian values around life, liberty and legacy. It represents Tassie’s faith population of some 170,000 people. Awesome huh?! Individuals can indicate their support at believeintasmania.com.

These silent protests in Launceston and Hobart may be our last opportunity to make a stand against this particular piece of legislation:


You may have seen the Emily’s Voice ads on TV recently. Beautiful snippets of family that affirm life and the innate value we have from conception. Even though these ads in no way shame or judge women who have chosen to have an abortion, Emily’s Voice has received a battering since the ads went to air. There’s a few things you can do:

– Join the Emily’s Voice Facebook community and indicate your support there.
– Join the Emily’s Voice Movement for Life.
– Write a letter to the editor to The Mercury (mercuryedletter@themercury.com.au) and The Examiner (editor@examiner.com.au). You could also email the television stations to say how thrilled you are with the ads!

By the way, all your submissions to the draft bill were heard and made a huge difference. There were 2,050 private submissions, 709 of them from Tasmanians, and a whopping 87 per cent of them opposed the legislation! You are legends!

If you know of any other rallies, petitions, submissions or other ways we can speak up on behalf of the unborn, please let me know and I’ll add it to this post. Bless ya x

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  1. Matty H says

    An excellent encouragement to keep on the Government’s case, Claire! Thanks for your stand. 🙂

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