A Word from the Supermarket Optimist Himself

About a week ago I wrote a piece on the friendly guy at my local supermarket who is so generous with his smiles and well wishes. Well, I’ve been chatting to this bloke, who I have dubbed Super(market)man, and discovered more wonderful optimism and wisdom, too good not to share.

Before I do, he mentioned that he had been rather overwhelmed by the number of people who just knew it was him that I referred to in the column. Strangers have approached him and said, Well done! I didn’t name him in the article, didn’t even name the supermarket – so he really has made an impact on us. I hope you will be further encouraged to look for the positives in life.

This is what Super(market)man wrote to me:

I like to believe that we all have friendliness inside of us but it gets stamped down by this overbearing, commercial world that we live in and it’s so much easier for folks to put on their “don’t look at me” faces and just ignore everything that doesn’t pertain to them. (If you’ve read Douglas Adams’ “Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” books, you’ll get the SEP reference)

With Christmas coming up, I get to thinking about how nice it would be if everyone could find that little bit of sunshine within themselves and let it shine, for the world to see. I remember reading something about candles and bushels, somewhere… <grin>

Hope your day has been filled with joy and you’ve had the chance to see God at work around you.

The candles and bushels reference is from Matthew 5:15…

“No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand where it gives light to everyone in the house.” (New Living Translation. It’s candle and bushel in some more traditional translations.)

So let’s get out there and take Super(market)man’s lead in lighting up Christmas this year!


  1. Jackie says

    Claire, it’s such a joy to share yourself with others. A smile returned, which comes from the heart, a conversation, however brief. People know when its genuine. Even if you cover your mouth while smiling your eyes (window to the soul) are still smiling.
    I look forward to Monday’s Examiner to see your writings on how Jesus administers His love, His justice and His understanding of today’s issues. Thank you.

    • Thanks Jackie – glad you find encouragement here! We have much to smile about, even if it’s just this wonderful sunny weather (if you’re in Launceston at least!)

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