Where faith, undies and mushrooms meet

Faith is like a reeealy comfy pair of undies. Just the right size, good cheek coverage, made from soft, breathable cotton and with elastic that is firm but not so firm as to indent that fleshy nether region. Faith is like a reeealy comfy pair of undies because, while it remains largely unseen, it keeps everything in its place.

My analogy is desperately lacking…

Welcome to my blog anyway.

Really, I just want to use this space to express how different faith and religion are. If faith is the comfy pair of undies, then religion is the belt strapped tight and rigid at the waist. Religion tends to restrict the freedom found in faith. There’s this general misconception that religion and faith are inexorably linked, like twin sisters, but it’s just not the case.

See, I’m of the opinion that religion would do well to loosen a few notches. Go all the way and rip that restricting strap from your belt notches and let live.

I’m sorry. This analogy is spewing images that were completely unintended. Although, is there anything wrong with dancing in our nickers – just our nickers – like David did in the streets of his city (true story – 2 Samuel 6:14)? Caution: this is not an invitation to some kind of nudist commune. What I mean, and am saying very badly, is that faith is freedom.

Faith in God is freedom from the ‘thou shalt nots’ and the tedious traditions of several millennia of God-seeking.

My hubby used to go to a pretty straight-laced church when he was younger and he rocked up one Sunday with a cap pulled over his unruly hair.

Hidin’ yer face from God are ye,” a greying member of the congregation reproached him.

His smart Alec reply: “If he can see through the ceiling I don’t think he’s gonna have a problem with my hat!

Respect for your elders, well that’s another issue.

Hopefully you and I will be able to nut out what a relationship with God should look like. Here’s a starting point – faith, for me, permeates all areas of my existence. It is not, cannot be, restricted to Sunday mornings, grace at mealtimes and “bless you” post-sneezes.

It’s  e – v – e – r – y – t – h – i – n – g.

I acknowledge that we all do this faith thing differently and for that reason I hope we can have some friendly discussions here. Let’s learn from each other.

But, look, thanks so much for dropping by. I hope you’ll return soon and I promise I’ll angle for a better analogy next time. You can expect a new post every Monday (my Keeping the Faith columns as printed in The Examiner) and then bits and pieces as they drop into my head.

I nearly forgot – you may be curious as to the name of this blog… head over to the about page and you’ll get the (brief, I swear and all puns intended) run down.

I’ll sign off this, my first post, with my favourite verse right now.

“Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”
1 Corinthians 13:12


  1. Catharina says

    I know exactly what you mean. Christianity is freedom, freedom from the ‘do’s and dont’s’. Christ has set us from from that, when He died for our sins and removed the need to obey the law. The Law has been done away with. We are now living under a new covenant. God has put a new law (that is written) on our hearts. And we have Christ – His spirit living on the inside of us.
    We are free to be who He has created us to be. Living in His Grace.

  2. I really love what Jesus says in John 10:10 ” I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”. I do not believe this means we will be healthy wealthy and wise (however it might) but I does mean that we will have a life with meaning and purpose. Surely this is what our society, and especially our young people, are searching for today?

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